April 24 – Smoulicek

You may remember that on our last walk along the Thames path, we collected 2 trackables.

We’ve already blogged about “The Suters Pub Crawl”, the other we found was called Smoulicek.



Smoulicek is a Smurf. Holding a teddy bear for company.

We’ve searched the internet, and we believe this to be Baby Smurf. (How many other Smurfs would hold a teddy bear ?).

We didn’t realise that there are over 80 Smurfs, most of which are blue with white hats. So if we’ve got the name of the Smurf wrong, please correct us!

Google also told us that the type of hats they wear are known as Phrygian caps, named after wearers in Phrygia (a region in Ancient Greece/Turkey.. King Midas wore a Phrygian Cap, presumably he never touched it to turn it into gold!

It is a fairly well-travelled Smurf, with over 8000 miles under its belt (if indeed Smurfs wear belts). It started its journey in the Czech Republic, moved through Central Europe to Turkey, Rome and criss-crossed England from Yorkshire (in the North) to Cornwall (in the South West).

Its objective is to get back to the Czech Republic, and we will drop it further East along the Thames Path shortly.


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