April 30 – Paddington Bear – part 4

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Paddington - Bah Humbug

Paddington – Bah Humbug

This isn’t a post about geocaches or trackables – it’s about something we came across while in London on a geocaching / Paddington Bear statue spotting trip at Christmas and which we have followed ever since. (Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Paddington story appeared in this blog in December 2014 and January 2015, or can easily be found by clicking on the ‘Paddington’ tag associated with this post.)

Late in 2014 the excellent film ‘Paddington’ was released, and, to mark the launch, 50 statues of Paddington Bear were put on show around London. Just after Christmas we went to find some of them (and of course a few geocaches too!) All the statues were collected up on 30th December and were auctioned to raise money for a charity, for the NSPCC; £930,000 was raised which is a LOT of money! One of them – Bear Humbug – was bought by a local town – Fleet – after 2,500 people contributed money to buy him. His colours were devised by Ant and Dec (both from Newcastle) and he was originally on display in Oxford Street, where we saw him.

And, on April 29th, he arrived !!! Fleet went wild, and a special event was held to unveil him. Even better, his old friends Ant and Dec made a special ultra secret trip to Hampshire to unveil him http://www.gethampshire.co.uk/news/local-news/ant-dec-make-surprise-visit-9149795

Nor has Bear Humbug been idle since then – he has his own website http://www.bearhumbug.co.uk and a presence on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. He’s looked after by ‘Humbug Guardians’ (honestly – he has seven) and he does charitable and educational work – phew! When he’s not busy with all that, he can often be found in Fleet Library where it’s a popular thing to pose with him and then upload the picture #‎humbugselfie‬ (Mmm, I wonder when we are next going to Fleet …?)


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