May 7 – Isle of Wight Walking Festival part 4 – Beacon Alley

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Farewell for now, Isle of Wight - we'll be back!

Farewell for now, Isle of Wight – we’ll be back!

It was our final morning on the Isle of Wight before heading home.  We’d gained a couple of hours extra on the island as the ferry company had texted us to say they’d had to re-book us on a later ferry.  So we had extra geocaching time!

First of all we made another visit to ‘Rusty’s View’, a cache on the banks of the Medina near our hotel that we had tried – and failed – to find in the dusk and rain on the first evening of our visit.  It may well be there, but we couldn’t find it, even on a bright, sunny morning.  And it hasn’t been found since, though many have looked …

Then it was on to the main caching event of the day, a few caches around Beacon Alley, a country lane about a mile from the touristy village of Godshill.  We parked at the top of a hill, with a panoramic view around us, and the GPS told us that we were just 34 feet from our first cache, well named 360° (our GPS couldn’t cope with the degree symbol and wouldn’t tell us the name at all!).   Once that was found, we headed down a steep slope, out onto a narrow lane, and to a crossroads of minor roads where the eponymous ‘Beacon Alley’ cache was hidden amongst the road signs.

Grand view from Beacon Alley

Grand view from Beacon Alley

Turning back towards the car and away from the tarmac, we walked back uphill along a country bridleway at the edge of a field, taking in the unfolding views around us.  We found another two caches along the way.  The first, ‘My Green Valley’, had far-ranging views, and just a glimpse to the Needles, while the second, ‘xylo-zag’, was hidden amongst small trees.  By now, ferry-time was calling, so we called a halt to our caching trip; just four caches, but all found, in good condition, in scenic countryside and beautiful weather.

Editor’s note: this blog has been written some little while after the event; we have subsequently learnt that local (to us) cachers Robb-Inn were the next ones after us to find some of these caches.  That’s a sort of circular coincidence as we signed the cache logs just after them two days before, at Roke Mead.

And how to round up our trip to the Isle of Wight walking festival?  We had planned to try this for some while.  We had expected walking (obviously) but we hadn’t expected the great variety of walks on offer, and the wealth of information from the walk leaders.  Of our four walks, we learnt about geology, wildlife, farming and ghosts, and there was much, much more to choose from; I think we will be back another time to try some more

Then it was back to the ferry and home.  It was election day and we needed to vote!

As usual, here are pictures of some of the caches we found during this caching expedition.


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