August 15 – Geocookie geocoin

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Geocookie geocoin

Geocookie geocoin

The Geocookie geocoin has a simple mission, to travel from cache to cache, and we will help it on its way. We retrieved it from the bonus cache on the mini-trail between Maidenhead and Eton.

It has only been travelling since Boxing Day 2014, but has already notched up a smidge under 6000 miles; a big chunk of that was on a speedy visit to Cyprus, and the rest has pretty much been around south and central England. It belongs to the busy and prolific cacher Longpod. We know he’s been to at least one geocacher’s meet that we’ve attended (Imbibing Imber – that was quite an event!) but I’m not sure we’ve ever (knowingly) met.


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