August 31 – Farmtagz

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

While we were walking around the Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve we found 2 trackables.

Farmtagz Moo Moo Merry Christmas

Moo Moo Merry Christmas

The second, much smaller and lighter, is FarmtagZ. He/she is a cow – named Moo Moo Merry Christmas. I’m guessing this is because she/he was released on 31st December 2012. And that’s a special geocaching day for us because that’s the day we signed up as premium (aka paying) members of the geocaching community; up till then we had been (non-paying) members, but the geocaching bug had started to bite and I bought Mr Hg137 a present of a year’s premium membership as a Christmas present. And we thought it was worthwhile, and have renewed it ever since, as there is access to lots of extra information – and it saves us carrying around pesky bits of paper with assorted information on it – though, on second thoughts, we still do, but these days it’s likely to be a map of our planned route than scribbled list of cache hints.

Back to the trackable. It’s travelled just over 3000 miles so far, all in the British Isles, and wants to travel from field to field. That’s definitely been achieved, judging by the many photos on the trackable’s page on

One thing we’ve noticed, though, is that the little cow is just a smidge too big to fit into many caches – there’s a hoof stuck out, or a tail that won’t fit, etc. Since our first attempts at moving the small cow to a new field, we haven’t found a cache big enough to fit. But we will keep trying!


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