August 31 : South Downs: Wiggonholt and Pulborough Brooks

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We were off to the glorious South Downs for a few day’s walking, starting on a Bank Holiday … needless to say it was a cool, dark grey day, and raining hard. Our plan was to get to within a mile or two of our hotel in good time, and then fit in a little light geocaching. Mr Hg137 spotted a geocache series replete with favourite points, so that seemed a good place to choose.

Wiggonholt Church

Wiggonholt Church

But first … a Church Micro, at Wiggonholt, a tiny hamlet with a tiny church ( ). We parked right next to the sign which furnished the answers to the clues leading to the final location, and then ate our picnic in the nice dry geocar while doing the sums. We finished our lunch as the rain eased to a drizzle, and walked a short way along a grassy path through fields to find the final cache under an oak tree, and dropped off the geocoin that we found a few days earlier. Before leaving, we had a look inside the church, which is very simple and plain; it has two services per month, when it is lit by candles and oil lamps. (I really like tiny, ancient churches, though I’m not especially religious, they just seem to ooze age and calmness. There are similar ones, also with Church Micro, at Inglesham on the Thames Path, which we visited in the spring.)

Pulborough Brooks - heath

Pulborough Brooks – heath

Pulborough Brooks - heather

Pulborough Brooks – heather

The cache series we tackled next was at the next-door RSPB Pulborough Brooks reserve ( ). The website says that all the following can be seen, and we saw some but not all: adders / archaeology / bluebells / butterflies / cattle / deer / ditches / dragonflies / ducks / flooding / heathland / lakes / meadows / nightingales / peregrines / pond / river / wetland / woodland / woodpeckers. There are seven caches in the series spread around a circuit of the heathland and woods around the reserve. The caches are each named, appropriately, after a bird – Lapwing, Buzzard, etc – and there is a variety of containers, from the frequently seen cylindrical screw-top containers and clip-lock boxes to a variety of creatures (yes, creatures), so all those favourite points awarded for this series are well justified. And, to top off the visit, there’s an additional challenge cache to be found near the entrance to the reserve. All in all, these nine caches made for an excellent, if damp, couple of hours caching, a good start to a short holiday.

Here are some of the caches we found:


2 Responses to “August 31 : South Downs: Wiggonholt and Pulborough Brooks”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    If you like old churches, St. Boniface at Bonchurch is really interesting next time you are over on the Island. I’ve added the cache series to my list of ‘to do’s’ as it sounds really good.

  2. simonjkyte Says:

    My baptist ancestors when they converted to COE got married at Wigginholt; some lovely walking in that area

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