September 4: farewell to the South Downs: a day by the sea in Worthing

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Worthing Pier

Worthing Pier

Our mini-break in the South Downs National Park in Sussex was already over and we were going home. But not immediately. September 4th is an important date for us; it’s our wedding anniversary, and we generally try to do something slightly out of the usual run of things – so we had planned a day at the seaside before going home to everyday life. The nearest bit of seaside to where we were staying was Worthing … so that was our destination.

But first, we knew there was a cache just outside where we had stayed. (We had used it as a waypoint to find our destination on arrival when we did a sort of death spiral to arrive at our destination.) We hadn’t had time to search for it before, but we had time now, and a short search found us the first cache for the day (we hoped).

First cache of the day

First cache of the day

On to the main event for the day, and we drove down to the seafront at Worthing. There are many, many caches along the front, and we had loaded a selection, and would find as many as time allowed. Free parking was available at the western end of the promenade and we parked the geocar and set off towards the pier. The caches came steadily, and we found them steadily; all the caches were hidden differently and inventively, in signs, in flowerbeds, palm trees and walls, under beach huts, behind boxes; one was an especially clever hide, where the cache was hidden on a stick (think firework / rocket) pushed into a flowerbed. We stopped for lunch on the pier, having forgotten to load the cache that was there (oops). As we ate, an aircraft wheeled overhead, in and out of the clouds, and people looked up. It was a Spitfire, the second we had seen in the week.
Unusual cache fixing!

Unusual cache fixing!

Moving on to the east, past the pier, we took in a few more caches. One of them came from the ‘Fine Pair’ series, where a post box and a telephone box are within sight of each other; the final cache was ‘hidden’ (actually we could see it from some distance away) under a seat, and we took care to tuck it back well out of sight. The caches went on to both the east and west, but there were only so many we could do, and eventually we turned back along the promenade, towards and beyond the geocar, to pick up just a few more caches. It was getting cloudier and cooler, and we returned to the geocar to end our holiday and set off home into the Friday rush hour.
There's a cache somewhere in here!

There’s a cache somewhere in here!

But first … the ceremonial anniversary activity … we took off our shoes, rolled up our trousers and went for a paddle. We haven’t done that for a bit … and the water was clear, but cold and a bit seaweedy. We stuck it out for about 15 minutes before retreating to the shore.

(PS Worthing and its surrounding areas are absolutely stuffed with caches. If you want to spend a few days on a caching break, this is the place to go!)

Here are a few of the caches and cache sites we came across:



One Response to “September 4: farewell to the South Downs: a day by the sea in Worthing”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. My final swim of the year in the UK was last week and the water was icy !! Much more so that usual with the tides being the highest for 18 years. Worthing is so close I must make a note to visit, perhaps during the winter months. I haven’t been there for years.

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