September 26 – NORMA

During our last section of the Thames Path (Walton to Hampton Court) we found a trackable.

Most of the trackables we’ve found have been a ‘trackable dog tag’ with the unique trackable number etched into it, and an object attached to it.



This trackable was different as it was only the dog tag. These pieces of metal are relatively small, lightweight, and easily dropped if one empties a cache heavy-handedly.

We took the trackable with the intention of adding something to the keyring. We accept this might not be what the owner wanted… but it might prevent it being lost. (Incidentally, one of our trackables consisting of a large Scrabble rack has not been found or moved on in 6 months. We suspect it might be lost… so maybe size doesn’t matter!)

Anyway NORMA is relatively new, starting its journey near Ipswich back in May 2015. Its mission, like to many trackables, is to visit lots of places but ideally Norway. Its journey from Ipswich to London is clearly in the wrong direction! Whoops!


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