October 25 – Trackable : Black Woggle

As we mentioned in our previous post, walking between Barnes and Battersea Bridges, we found a trackable, a black woggle. The trackable had been placed by the St Mary Barnes Scout group and there should have been several other trackable woggles present. Alas we just found a black one.

But what is a woggle ? A woggle is a small plastic tube which is used to position the Scout’s (or Cub Scout’s) neckerchief around the neck. It is positioned a little lower than where a ‘tie knot’ would be.

Woggles are used in the Cub Scouts to differentiate between the various sixes. (A group of six cubs). A black woggle would represent black six. Clearly scouting may have moved on since my Cub Scout days in the early 70s, and because I was only a Cub Scout, and not a Scout, my knowledge is non-existent of how the Scouts use woggles !

Anyway it was great to find a trackable and we shall move it on soon. Probably quite soon as the closer we get to London, the cache sizes are diminishing and a woggle won’t fit in many of the cache containers!

Black Woggle

Black Woggle


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