November 28th – Rolling Stones, Camberley


No sun – no moon!
No morn – no noon –
No dawn – no dusk – no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member –
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! –
November! – Thomas Hood.

November – a month when invariably both Mr and Mrs Hg137 have work commitments on at least 2 and maybe 3 weekends.

November a month when, because of the weather and these commitments we rarely go caching.

Our next section of the Thames Path was to be the iconic London section, and we really wanted clear skies for great photos. We waited, and waited and waited but November, being November, threw wind and rain, and darkness.

And then we realised we hadn’t been caching for a whole month. What days were left were due to be poor so we settled on abandoning the Thames for a local mini-series named after members of the Rolling Stones.

Somewhere in the Heath are the Rolling Stones!

Somewhere in the Heath are the Rolling Stones!

The series was only a couple of miles away, and we could walk it as a figure-of-eight returning to the car if the promised rain arrived early. Fortunately it didn’t so we able to visit all band members (Richards, Jagger, Wyman, Wood, and Watts) as well as an intriguingly named cache “You’re going to need a pin(e)”.

Indeed this was the first cache we found, and somehow we managed to park right by the cache! I’m sure our experienced caching friends have seen this type before, and it was no surprise to find the log encased within a pine cone!

Can you spot the Geo-car ?

Can you spot the Geo-car ?

Then onto the Rolling Stones series. Stones played a key part in the series – sometimes the cache log was in a stone, other times well concealed under stones. Once a cache was under a large piece of concrete!

Stone !

Stone !

Stone !

Stone !

Stone Me ! Its not a stone!

Stone Me ! Its not a stone!

The terrain was sandy heathland with moderately densely planted conifers and some deciduous trees which had lost most of their leaves. Heathland tends to dry out relatively quickly, so the going was slightly soft rather than ‘muddy’. Pine forests are notoriously difficult to navigate through and we grateful for printing out some simple footpath maps before we left. (We chose Thunderforest OpenCycleMap from the map selection tool in the top right corner of the ‘View Larger Map’ from the geocaching screen.)

Trees, leaves.. but is this an obvious footpath ?

Trees, leaves.. but is this an obvious footpath ?

And so after a quick journey around the circuit we arrived at the last cache, Watts. Having found all the other caches we were quietly confident of an easy find here! Our confidence was shattered as after 20 minutes we were still looking around fruitlessly.
Many of the trees didn’t lend themselves to hidey-holes (pine trees don’t). The clue suggested reading the title (“Watts”) – yet there was no electrical equipment around. Having reviewed logs and blogs on returning, we think our search was not wide enough!

Still the series did give us some caching “Satisfaction”, although the last cache did cause us a “(Nineteenth) Nervous Breakdown” !


One Response to “November 28th – Rolling Stones, Camberley”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    This was one of the first series we tried – without success. I think we found just one. We returned last June to complete the series and walked straight to them which is what you will probably do when you re-attempt Watts. Happy Christmas caching.

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