December 29 – 5 Freunde: Dick

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

It’s been a while since we found a trackable – the caches in central London tend to be quite small, so most trackables just won’t fit into them. Hence it was both good, and unexpected, to find a trackable inside the very last cache we visited in 2015.

5 Freunde: Dick

5 Freunde: Dick

Now this is a very interesting little trackable with a cool mission. He is called ‘5 Freunde: Dick‘ and he is one of five famous friends, the others being Julian, Ann, George, and, of course, Timmy. These Famous Five are all taking part in a race to get to Corfe Castle station in Dorset. All of them seem to have chosen different methods on transport for their journey; Dick is on a motorbike, but there are also boats, bicycles, feet, etc

All of them set off from Seesbach in Germany in July 2015. Dick is well in the lead and is the only one so far to have made it to England. Julian is nearing Strasbourg, but is still in Germany, Anne is still in Germany but appears to be travelling east, George has done a sort of irregular circle and is not very far from his starting point, and Timmy, having been on a brief trip to Morocco, is now back in Germany, near Dortmund and close to the Dutch border.

We think this is a super idea for a trackable race and we will move Dick on to a place nearer to Corfe Castle in early January. Lovely trackable!


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