January 10 – Set Sail

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We don’t find many trackables – and then three come along at once!

We went to a cache on Wildmoor Heath, Crowthorne, and, on opening up the cache container, found it stuffed with three trackables. We grabbed all of them. Greedy, maybe, but it gives them a chance of a write-up in this blog … Once clear of the cache, we had a good look at our booty. There was a definite maritime theme, with a ship, a pirate and a crab. This post is about the oldest and biggest of the three, ‘Set Sail’.

Set Sail

Set Sail

It’s a biggish, thick, heavy lump of metal with, on one side, Signal the Frog in Viking kit, in a longboat piled high with plunder and flying the Danish flag as a sail. (Editor’s note: Signal the Frog is a geocaching mascot – see our post on August 3 2014 https://sandhurstgeocachers.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/august-3-day-215-caches-found-0-cumulative-total-243-1-bonus-2cachers-meet/ ) The other side is a Viking horned helmet bearing the inscriptions “Denmark 2006 Oct 1 – Oct 31” and “Signal the Frog – Denmark – World Geocaching Series 1”. So this trackable has been out there for over nine years – wow!

Signal’s mission is : to get to water (lakes/rivers/oceans) : to see boats, ships, and other water craft : and to learn about seafaring. He’s travelled over 7000 miles around Europe and has visited many places that fit his mission.

The trackable was nearly lost: it spent FOUR years in a six-stage multicache on the Belgian coast and was only rediscovered in 2011 when the cache owner was clearing up some archived caches and found the trackable inside. There’s a lesson here: don’t put trackables in the final part of a complex, many stage geocache, as not many people will visit it! However, the trackable was eventually found and is still travelling, so we will try to move it to a location befitting its mission.


2 Responses to “January 10 – Set Sail”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    We haven’t found a trackable for ages. Even went to a TB hotel recently as there were supposed to be four in there, but none. Nevermind, we will probably find one soon. Interesting TBs you found.

    • hg137 Says:

      We weren’t expecting to find these trackables. Someone had taken them from another cache and then not registered them or re-placed them on the website.

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