January 10 – Travel Pirate Geocoin

Pirate Geocoin

Pirate Geocoin

“Aha There me ‘earties !

Listen to what treasure we found in a cache recently!

A pirate geocoin!

Made from semi-precious plastic its an angry looking pirate waving a cutlass. A cutlass, lads! Who carries a cutlass these days eh! Cutlasses are for wimps.

I was able to find out about the pirate. It, like us, is on a mission. Whilst we like to plunder gold and silver and doubloons and jewels it wants to travel the world and head back for its owner’s 18th birthday in Poland in 2021. Poland! How many pirates come from Poland ?

Anyway me ‘earties I’ve decided our Polish friend can come with us for a few weeks, see the rough and tumble of real-live pirates.

All those who agree shout “Ay” ”

“Ay-ay Captain”


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