Travel bugs and how to log them

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

As two of the three trackables we picked up recently have had a ’chequered’ past – going missing for months or years, only to turn up by chance, or in another country, I thought it would be a good idea to post the official geocaching site’s instructions on how to log a Travel Bug, once found. The full description can be found at but the bit relating to logging a recently found trackable is here:

Picking up a Travel Bug
A Travel Bug is usually a dog tag that is attached to a “hitchhiker,” or an item that travels from place to place. If you found a Travel Bug the first thing you need to do is “grab” it online so you can add your own story to its journey.

Step 1. Get the Tracking Number

In order to log your find and “grab” the Travel Bug, you first need to locate the Bug’s tracking number. The number is normally on the dog tag that is attached to the item, or, in the case of Geocoins, is stamped on the item somewhere. Make sure to write this number down before dropping the item in another cache. You’ll need it to locate and “grab” the Bug online.

Mrs Hg137: The number is usually a five or 6 digit alphanumeric code and it looks something like this:

Tracking number

Tracking number

Step 2. Visit the Travel Bug Trackable’s Page

Each Travel Bug has its own web page. To visit the Bug’s page, either go to the cache page for the geocache where you found the Bug and look for the Trackable in the inventory list, or visit the Travel Bug home page and use the search tool. To use the search tool, enter the tracking number in the supplied box and click the search button.

Mrs Hg137: the travel bug home page can be found at

Step 3. Found it? Log it!

Once you reach the Travel Bug listing, you will need to write a log to let the owner know that you found it. By logging the find you are also ‘grabbing’ the Travel Bug and putting it in your account’s online inventory. This will ultimately allow you to drop the Travel Bug in another cache.

I hope you find this little guide helpful. It’s not original – 95% of it is a straight copy from the geocaching site. Geocachers spend time, money, and ingenuity on buying and personalising trackables, and I think that they deserve to know how their little protogees are faring out in the big wide world.


One Response to “Travel bugs and how to log them”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    What a good idea to remind folks of how to log a travel bug. Unfortunately I have had two go missing recently and I am hoping they are stuck at the bottom of someone’s backpack and will resurface soon.

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