February 22 – Pathtag! Elfin Safety

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Elfin Safety

Elfin Safety

The final cache on our final morning on the Isle of Wight provided something new to us, a new kind of trackable item. We found a Pathtag!

We’ve not come across one of these before and a little research was needed. Pathtags are administered on a site called http://www.pathtags.com which is based in the United States just like the geocaching site, http://www.geocaching.com They are about the size of a £1 coin – well, this one is, anyway – and it seems that they are ‘collectable’ … I think that means you can keep them, unlike trackables, which you are supposed to move along.

The name on this particular tag is ‘Elfin Safety’ and it shows a workman holding a large document (Editor’s note: Mr Hg137 thinks that it shows a rambler holding a large map …). A bit more research suggests that the creator(s) of this tag come from the UK, most likely in Cornwall, so I’d assume that Mr Safety set off from Cornwall. The Pathtag site differs from the geocaching site in that you can’t see where Pathtags have been, or how long they have been around, so I can’t give many more deatils on what he’s been up to, or the life he has led until we encountered him.

Bur we will play fair with the spirit of the trackable game, and will move Elfin Safety along to a suitable new location.


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