February 27 – Alex’s First Bug

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

“Go far” – a simple mission statement, written on the tag of this trackable that we found in a Church Micro cache in Sandhurst, not far from where we live, while we were out caching over the Leap Year weekend.

Alex's First Bug

Alex’s First Bug

Attached to the tag is a letter A, for Alex. Since setting off from Colorado in late January 2012, this bug has indeed travelled far. By October 2012 it had reached Texas – then 10 days later, it was in Germany. Between January and March 2013 one dedicated cacher had taken it to Belgium, Iceland, back to Germany and Ireland. Then another equally committed person picked it up and March and April saw it visit Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzogovina, and Slovakia, then the Czech Republic and Hungary in June 2013. (This sounds a bit like a round-up of Eurovision Song Contest entrants, doesn’t it?)

In July 2013 it made the leap across the English Channel to England, visiting several caches associated with William Shakespeare. By August 2013 it was in South Wales. After that it’s all a bit confused for almost a year, when it was found in Cornwall and moved to Berkshire. By the end of 2014 it had moved to Sussex – how, records don’t show. During 2015 it hung around for a few weeks at a time, then moving a lot, visiting the Lake District and Devon, and South Wales (again). Another committed cacher took it all around southern England over the winter of 2015/6, finally dropping it off near the Devil’s Dyke, just north of Brighton. It made its way, via a cacher’s meet in London and a few more caches, to us.

That’s quite a journey, just under 20,000 miles in all. We will move this trackable, which is certainly “going far”, to a part of England it has not yet visited.


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