February 27 – Leap Year Weekend Part I

Geocaching is an odd hobby. In its simplest form the game involves “finding Tupperware in the woods”. In its extended form there are lots of challenges, and lots of numbers, lots of targets to cross off like a giant bingo card.

One such target is the ‘date grid’ – that is to say finding a cache on every day of the year. We have never set out to fill our ‘date grid’ intentionally, but because we started geocaching 6 months after the last Leap Year day, we knew we didn’t want to wait until 4 years to fill complete our date grid.

Luckily enough http://www.geocaching.com were offering electronic souvenirs for geocaching over the 2016 leap year weekend. One souvenir could be claimed if a cache was found between February 27-February 29th, and another if one attended a cacher’s meet on Leap Year Day itself, February 29.

St Michael's and All Angels, Sandhurst

St Michael’s and All Angels, Sandhurst

We thought we would claim the first souvenir early by attempting 2 local caches.
The first was a Church Micro hidden in St Michael’s and All Angels Sandhurst. This cache was odd for several reasons..

Firstly it was a replacement cache! One of the first 30 caches we undertook was at this Church, but that cache has been archived and a new cache is now hidden in a different location.

Secondly, and unusually the cache is hidden within the Church property. We cannot remember a Church Micro that was hidden on Church grounds. Most have been placed some yards away from the Church.

A Micro-cache ? Really ?

A Micro-cache ? Really ?

Thirdly.. this Micro was HUGE! Normally the container is perhaps a 35mm container. but this was a large Tupperware container! Indeed inside the Tupperware container was another Tupperware container designed to hold trackables! Never have we seen such demarcation within a cache!
A really fab start to our Leap Year Weekend’s caching!

Our second cache was one of the ‘Berkshire Residents’ puzzle caches. Here the cache owner cryptically defines a personality who lives/had lived in Berkshire. Using key dates in their life, co-ordinates are calculated. (Because its a puzzle cache we are not giving anything away but two of the cryptic clues involve ‘a council flat’ and ‘charity work’. We’d solved this cache before Leap Year Weekend and realised the final cache container was hidden about half a mile from St Michaels and All Angels Church.

Which Famous Berkshire Resident led us here ?

Which Famous Berkshire Resident led us here ?

A quick easy find (the cache was clearly visible as we approached) and our two caches were completed… and a souvenir gained!

Leap Year Weekend Caching Souvenir

Leap Year Weekend Caching Souvenir


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