February 28 : Leap Year weekend part II

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Leap Year Weekend Caching Souvenir

Leap Year Weekend Caching Souvenir

Our original plan for caching on the Leap Year weekend was to find a cache – any cache – on February 29th, to fill that one day in the caching calendar that is only up for grabs once every four years. But somewhere in our planning, there had been a bit of ‘scope creep’ and out we went again, on the second day in the weekend, to look for geocaches.
Puzzle cache solved

Puzzle cache solved

Once more, we had decided on just two local caches. The first was another puzzle cache from the ‘Berkshire Residents’ series, with the final cache somewhere off a path leading from Nine Mile Ride. (Editor’s note: that’s not a very big clue as Nine Mile Ride is about seven and a half miles long!) Some of the cryptic clues which had enabled us to solve this puzzle involved ‘sports champion’ and ‘multiple jobs’. We left the geocar and headed off down a track, then grovelled around in the trees on either side, eventually finding the cache some little way from where the GPS said it should be. Ho hum. As we headed back to the geocar, we had to step aside smartly as a 4×4 came trundling up the track, before stopping to move a fallen branch. This didn’t seem quite right – surely this wasn’t a road? But the 4×4 driver assured us that he was in the right and we didn’t feel inclined to argue. Ho hum again.
Somewhere along Nine Mile Ride ...

Somewhere along Nine Mile Ride …

Back to the geocar, and time for the next cache, which was also along Nine Mile Ride. This cache is one that Mr Hg137 has covertly attempted, without a GPS (and without success) on previous occasions when passing by while working. Time for a concerted attempt by team Hg137. The cache title is ‘It’s with 20m of the coordinates specified’, so we stood at the spot of said coordinates and then fanned out to search for the cache. Mr Hg137 struck lucky and had the cache, seemingly within seconds, while I was still staring vaguely at the nearest tree to the coordinates. Ho hum for a third time. So, two caches, two successes, and another day bagged in the Leap Year weekend.


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