February 29 : Leap Year weekend part IV

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Bridge Inn

Bridge Inn

And finally for the Leap weekend extravaganza – a cacher’s meet, at lunchtime on Leap Year’s Day, February 29th, to gain another geocacing souvenir. By now, I was looking forward to a pint … We returned to the Bridge Inn, the starting point for our caching trip that morning. By now, the car park was far from empty. A steady stream of cachers were crowding around the first cache we visited just three hours earlier, then turning aside to file into the pub.

Leap Year Day geocaching souvenir

Leap Year Day geocaching souvenir

Once inside, we soon recognised JJEF, the organiser of the cacher’s meeting, said our hellos and signed the log for the meet. The pub gradually filled with caching faces, both familiar and unfamiliar. The bar staff weren’t expecting this many people. They were overwhelmed. We ordered food and a drink each. Mr Hg137 got his drink, but my pint (that one I had been looking forward to with such eagerness) was not available immediately.



We sat down and got into conversation with other cachers. Quite a few were going from cacher’s meeting … to cacher’s meeting … to cacher’s meeting. (We hadn’t thought to do that.) Most extreme of these multiple event cachers was Molemon, a slightly shell-shocked looking young couple, who appeared in the pub for a few minutes, and then moved on to caches new – their plan was to visit as many meetings as possible (I think they got to 11) and to visit as many different cache types (they managed 9) as possible in 24 hours. It was just after midday when we saw them, they had started at a few minutes past midnight, and it looked as if the pace was beginning to tell.

Molemon's trackable teddy

Molemon’s trackable teddy

My pint still hadn’t appeared. I went to ask for it. It wasn’t ready yet. Ho hum. More conversation with geocachers and their friends – the impeccably behaved Crumpit, a small white terrier, and then a reviewer, La Lunatica, who described how caches are reviewed and who handed us a free trackable.

Our food arrived, and not long after, my long-awaited pint. My Thai curry was very good indeed, packing a good bit of spice. And that pint was especially welcome!


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