March 27 : Easter Sunday: Magnificent Seven

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Easter cache contents!

Easter cache contents!

It was Easter Sunday: we wanted to go geocaching but the weather was, umm, mixed. Sunshine was mixed with sharp showers of torrential rain, hail, and squally winds. We picked a short, local cache circuit, piled into the geocar and set off. Not half a mile from home, it began to rain. Hard. We retreated home, and watched everything get (much) wetter. Half an hour later, the sun was shining again. Back into the geocar we went, and off to the start of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ series near Eversley in north Hampshire.

Leaving the geocar in a handy layby, we set out across a damp and slippery footpath (perhaps it had just rained, hard?) and soon arrived at the first cache in the series, a easy find, though needing bank-sliding acrobatic skills – Mr Hg137 volunteered. We moved on to the second cache in the series, which is clever, neatly blended into the background, and unique enough to merit a picture in our end of year roundup, but we won’t comment further: if we explain what it is, is makes it so much easier to find…

Emerging onto a busyish road, we walked along the wide verge, logging the next cache in the series before turning away down a track to resume the series. Before, it was slippery and a bit wet. Now, it was muddy, and wet, and muddy. The next cache was up a bank – so away from the mud – but it was a slippery climb for Mr Hg137, and some passing back and forth – rugby-style – of the cache was needed to get everything signed. On again, more mud and more slithering, and then another slippery climb for me, Mrs Hg137 – we do try to share these things out. This cache contained a very appropriate, Easter item – a nest of eggs.



The track climbed gently, and the mud and running water gradually reduced. We emerged onto a road – the one we drove along earlier, on our way to the start – then turned along a dry (hooray!) path running parallel to the road. The last but one cache was across a ditch, and a bit of a stretch; this cache was delegated to Mr Hg137, as he’s a few inches taller and he could just reach.
Big Stretch!

Big Stretch!

After the final cache – bigger, and under a log – we arrived back at the geocar just as the clouds began to threaten again in the middle distance. A good little series, this one, but it will be better when its drier.

Here are some of the caches we found (but not including the really clever one that we are not describing!


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