March 27 : Henry Racer

During our short caching trip on Easter Sunday we found the trackable, Henry Racer.

Henry Racer

Henry Racer

Henry is a clear plastic car, with the trackable number engraved upon it and a brief note about its mission.. to reach the Welsh Mega 2016. The Welsh Mega is taking place on Saturday 6 August so the trackable has still got a few months to arrive at its destination. The Welsh Mega is being in Llangollen Pavilion on the Saturday, but in the few days leading up to the event there are a plethora of other geocaching activities. One day there is a planned ‘meet-up’ at the top of Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon. On another a CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) event in the shadow of Conwy Castle. Another day is ‘Earthcache’ day and a geological trip visiting many of the local Earthcaches is planned. A wide variety of activities and with any luck this little trackable will see some of them.

But… Henry is in a race!

Not just to get to the Mega on time, but to beat 3 other trackables to the Mega!

At the time of writing this blog these trackables were :

– Scarlett Racer (last placed in an Essex cache on 31/12/2015)
– Damian Racer (last placed in a Lincolnshire cache on 12/2/2016)
– Tony & Sarah Racer (last placed in a cache in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire on 3/4/2016)

All of the trackables, including Henry starting their journey at the Essex Mega 2015.

Who will arrive on time ? Which trackable will win ?

At the moment its difficult to say, but Henry Racer is in a good a position as any. Go, Henry, Go!


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