April 17 – Southampton (Scrabble and Caching)

As regular readers of this blog may know, both of us (Mr and Mrs Hg137) enjoy playing Scrabble and often play in tournaments.

Today was the Annual Tournament being held in Southampton (Hedge End district) and as we have done for the previous few years… we decided to hunt a cache before we started to play.

Last year we noted that all the obvious, on route, cache and dashes had either been found by us, or removed. It was with great surprise this year to discover a new cache had been placed within yards of the venue!

It was named after local resident John Edgar who ran a Cleansing and Decorating service in the area. The find was easy, and in direct eye-line of every other competitor arriving! Fortunately we weren’t spotted, replaced the cache as found and went on to play.

We had mixed results, with Mrs Hg137 finishing just below half-way in the top division, but Mr Hg137 finished 8th which won him a place in the National Scrabble Finals in Milton Keynes in October. Good news for him.. but bad news as that’s a day less caching in October!

PS Sorry no pictures this time. We didn’t have a camera with us, and the cache was a typical small urban find!


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