May 6 : All Saints : Woodham and New Haw

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

Once again we were out and about on a Friday evening, ready for Mr Hg137 to give another talk on the South Downs Way to a local club; we are getting quite practised at this; he does the talking and I do the techie stuff with laptops and projectors. Just in case we got lost (that was our excuse, anyway), there was a geocache nearby, as well as a couple along our route. In case the Friday evening traffic was heavy, we had allowed plenty of time for our journey. But that was not the case, and we arrived at the first cache location with about 45 minutes to spare, and just a couple of miles left to travel.

All Saints, Woodham © Copyright Michael FORD, from Geograph

All Saints, Woodham
© Copyright Michael FORD, from Geograph

So there was time for caching after all … we parked in the car park just behind the church, Woodham All Saints, then spent a few minutes rootling around in the bushes, before realising that the cache wasn’t going to be on church premises, it was going to be somewhere along the footpath that bordered the church. And so it proved; Church Micro 61 was ours, and the lowest numbered (ie oldest) that we had ever found; the series now numbers over 9000 caches.
Two Bridges © Copyright Dr Neil Clifton, from Geograph

Two Bridges
© Copyright Dr Neil Clifton, from Geograph

Back into the geocar, and closer to the venue, we turned aside to park in a side street close to the Basingstoke Canal. The second cache was called ‘Two Bridges’, and was somewhere near the canal and lock. Try as we might, we simply could not get the GPS to decide on a location, time passed, and we wondered whether to give up and move on. We read the logs from previous finders and pondered … then took the GPS advice on location, got fairly close, and then found the cache based on the information in the logs.
All Saints, New Haw © Copyright Michael FORD, from Geograph

All Saints, New Haw
© Copyright Michael FORD, from Geograph

Time was definitely passing now, but we still had a few minutes, and the third and final cache of the day was another Church Micro, number 8587, which was within sight of our final destination. This cache was easier to find, hidden in some street furniture over the road from the church.

Then it was time for the main business of the evening, and another successful talk was delivered. The only odd facet to the evening was the way the power to the projector cut off every time an outside door was opened … something to do with the alarm system … but it caused me, as ‘roadie’ and technical support, quite a bit of angst!

All photos for this post are taken from , are copyrighted and are licensed for reuse. The photos of Woodham and New Haw churches were taken by Michael Ford and the picture of the canal was taken by Dr
Neil Clifton.


2 Responses to “May 6 : All Saints : Woodham and New Haw”

  1. TheRobbInn Says:

    Woodham Church certainly brought back memories – not geocaching ones but 50 years ago I was a bridesmaid there! Thanks for the interesting blog.

    • hg137 Says:

      Good that we jogged a memory!

      It’s still a busy and well used church – when we paused, briefly, the orchestra were just arriving for an evening concert – so we couldn’t hang around too long.

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