May 23 : Devon / Cornwall : Day 2 : Trackable – The Only Way is the Devon Way 2017

Sometimes coincidences happen … just a shame we didn’t notice until much, much later….

During our exertions climbing to the Cheesewring we found, in a large boulder field, the cache, “Scrumpy”. Inside was a trackable of a genre we had not seen before – a business card.

This business card advertised an event – the Devon (Geocaching) Mega 2017. Clearly the organizing committee of that event have invested heavily in business cards, as we encountered at least six other during our stay in Cornwall. Looking at the trackable history it is very difficult to work out how may business cards there are, as almost every day there are 3 or 4 finds in disparate locations varying from Exeter, North Wales, Essex and Malta!

But where is the Devon Mega being held ? The answer is Bicton Park – an agricultural college near Devon’s South Coast.

Observant readers of the this blog may remember the name as about 24 hours previously we had been standing outside Bicton Park locating a cache. The cache, which we failed to name in that blog, was called “Will you be here on the 5th August 2017?” We’d assumed that the date alluded to a reunion of students or teachers… but no! the cache is the marker for the Mega Event!

Our excuse for not realizing sooner.. we were giving our brains a holiday!

So look out Bicton Park we may be one of the 500+ people visiting you in 14 months time!


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