May 24 : Devon / Cornwall : Day 3 : Looe

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Looe Station

Looe Station

It was a fine day in Cornwall, so why not spend a day at the seaside, in Looe, and what better way to travel than the Looe Valley train line? This is a single track line which runs only from Liskeard to Looe, down the East Looe river valley, then alongside the estuary. Apart from the two ends of the line, Looe and Liskeard, all the stations are request stops. Great views all the way!
Liskeard station - Sidetracked

Liskeard station – Sidetracked geocache

Before the little train left, we had a few minutes free at Liskeard so we took an early cache, the ‘Sidetracked’ at Liskeard station. This was easy to find, sandwiched between Liskeard’s two stations, the main line to Penzance and the entirely separate branch line to Looe. There are not so very many caches to find in Looe, and we thought about expanding the number by getting off part way e.g. at the quaintly named St Kerye Wishing Well halt, and doing some extra caching along the way. But there weren’t many caches there, either, and several of the descriptions contained the instruction …’then a short drive to the final location’ … not really an option on foot.
The train left on time at 10am and just under half an hour later we were in Looe, walking down past the bridge, and through the village to the sea, pausing to buy lunch along the way, and looking at all the shops selling things to tourists – nice stuff, not so nice stuff and ‘why?’ stuff.
Looe - high tide

Looe – high tide

After a walk to the edge of the sea, we headed out along the banjo-shaped pier to look at the very small entrance to the river and harbour. But a geocache was calling, the only one near us in East Looe. It was a really new cache, which had only been placed in early May. It was also part of the ‘Fine Pair’ series. These must have a phone box and a post box (both red, in view of each other, and not more than 100 feet apart); there are not so many of these around now, as phone boxes began to disappear at around the same time that geocaching became more popular. This particular pair were just behind the sea front and a little faded and careworn from the salt winds. We found the cache really quickly – and what an appropriate cache container!
Looe - a Fine Pair

Looe – a Fine Pair

A super geocache container!

A super geocache container!

There were no more nearby caches on this side of the river so we mucked about on the beach, climbed on the rocks, had lunch, tried to fly a kite, went for paddles – oh crikey it was cold!!! The tide went out, the sun came out and everything was clean and warm and sparkly. As the tide was out, the passenger ferry (aka small boat) across the river wasn’t running so it was a walk up to the bridge and back along the other side of the river in West Looe. Just over the bridge was another cache, scarily concealed in a bit of street furniture near the end of the bridge. We tried to look inconspicuous while retrieving it in full view of a busy road.
Looe - low tide no ferry!

Looe – low tide no ferry!

It was immediately quieter on the other side of the river. East Looe is full of tourist shops, the fish market, and hustle and bustle. West Looe is much more peaceful.
West Looe - Church Micro

West Looe – Church Micro

Our final cache in West Looe is currently our most southerly, AND it was a Church Micro. The cache itself was a little way from the church, on the riverside. Nearby is a statue to one of Looe’s characters, a battle-scarred, one-eyed seal called Nelson who made the harbour his home.
Nelson the seal at Looe

Nelson the seal at Looe

Having run out of nearby caches, we headed back to the station to catch the little train back to Liskeard. Once there, we took in the other cache at Liskeard station, ‘ Rosie and Jim’. It was cunningly hidden in the station car park, and we spent some little while looking in various wrong places before finding it.
Even now, it wasn’t too late in the day, so we set off to find a few more caches from the Compass series before returning to the hotel. That will be covered in another post in a few days.


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