May 29 : Devon / Cornwall : Day 8 : Dorset – the way home (shafted in Shaftesbury)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

Tamar Bridge - goodbye to Cornwall

Tamar Bridge – goodbye to Cornwall

Our holiday was over and we were on our way home. A simple, if long, drive up the A30, then the A303, then the M3 … but … then again, there were yet more geocaching targets that we could achieve, without altering our journey very much. We had equalled our maximum caching streak (consecutive number of consecutive days caching). And we had never found a cache in Dorset. Aha! Two more targets to aim at. And a handy place to break for lunch. And a way to indulge our love of numbers and counting things and statistics.

We happily agreed on those new targets and Mr Hg137 selected three caches on the outskirts of Shaftesbury. We packed up and left Liskeard, and Cornwall, and drove eastwards through Devon, Somerset, and Wiltshire. As lunchtime approached we turned aside and drove south just a little way into Dorset. The first two caches of the three chosen were from the ‘There and Back’ series. The first of these was hidden somewhere near a stile – or was it? We spent a while looking under, around, and beside it, but couldn’t spot anything that might be a geocache.
Never mind, we still had two caches in reserve to get to our targets. The next cache we attempted was from the same series, placed in a side-road on the edge of the town. I was sent out to search while Mr Hg137 turned the geocar around. As I unsuccessfully examined all sides of the likely location, Mr Hg137 wound down the car window and pointed … there it was! I felt rather unobservant and small. But we’d found a cache in Dorset, and extended our caching streak to eight days.

At last, a cache in Dorset!

At last, a cache in Dorset!

We paused for lunch, eaten within sight of that – so far only – successful cache find. Once refreshed, we had one more cache to try for, ‘Lions Mouth’. We weren’t quite sure what to expect here, but it turned out to be a drinking trough for horses, topped by a decorative lion’s head. And the cache? We couldn’t find it. We looked around the trough, around the hedge behind (where the GPS said it should be) and round and about, but if it was there, we couldn’t find it. Wasn’t it lucky that we’d loaded three caches, not one? Yes indeed! Shafted in Shaftesbury? Nearly.

Back into the car we went, and home. Time to do the washing, and catch up on our sleep. It had been quite a week, geocaching-wise – most days (8) caching consecutively, most finds (30) in a day, best week’s caching (69 finds), most finds in a month (82, up to this day), most southerly cache, most westerly cache, and a chance to dip into one of the biggest geocache series in the UK. Yes, it was quite a week!


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