June 21 – Geo-Achievement Hides 10 Coin

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Geo-Achievement Hides 10 Coin

Geo-Achievement Hides 10 Coin

As the equinox approached, this coin was trapped inside the mouth of a dinosaur in a wood in deepest Oxfordshire. There it had sat for almost two weeks, having been spotted, but not retrieved by others a few days before. How could it escape, to continue the 600-mile journey it had started on Christmas Day 2015? But all was not lost – two friendly geocachers arrived, prised open the mouth of the dinosaur, and freed it, distracting the dinosaur by feeding it another travel bug, Tilly the hedgehog. Bad news for Tilly, but good news for the coin.
I'm a scary dinosaur!

I’m a scary dinosaur!

The coin made good its escape from the scary dinosaur, safely tucked in their rucksack, and hopes to find a less disquieting homein the near future. First, it needs to calm down, having nearly been a dino meal!


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