June 26 : Hinckley

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Ashby Canal a little north of Hinckley

Ashby Canal

An unexpected weekend away … I had unexpectedly found out that there was to be a school reunion at my old school, Hinckley Grammar School https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinckley_Academy … so off we went. People I had not seen since I was 17 – and so many of them remembered me – and I them. Some people look pretty much the same, across much of a lifetime, and others change so, so much. All very enjoyable, and thought-provoking too.
Trinity Marina, Hinckley

Trinity Marina, Hinckley

But, before we headed home again, there was a chance for a walk – and a bit of geocaching – along the Ashby Canal. Another of my previous pastimes revisited – there are many, many canals in the Midlands, and I walked a lot of miles of canal towpath during the time I lived in Hinckley. Setting off from our hotel overlooking the canal, we were quickly on the towpath and the first cache was not far away, overlooking the marina. On we went, to another towpath cache, ‘Triumph View’, overlooking the Triumph motorcycle factory, where many a classic motorcycle is built https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_Motorcycles_Ltd We couldn’t find it (the cache, that is, not a motorbike). Not a triumph, but not to worry, there would be another chance on our return.
Triumph View - not triumphal for us!

Triumph View – not triumphal for us!

On we went, as the morning warmed – it was a beautiful summer morning- finding another cache concealed in the hedge alongside the towpath, but failing to find another hidden in ivy – never a hiding place we’ve been very good with. There were at least two interlocking series of caches here – one for cyclists along the towpath, and another connected with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ comedy series http://the-big-bang-theory.com/ plus others.
Is this REALLY a footpath?

Is this REALLY a footpath?

We turned away from the canal and onto a footpath. All went well at first, and we found another two caches quite easily, but then we turned south onto another footpath at the side of a wheat field, heading back to the canal and our start point. It was a bit … umm … overgrown. To be fair, much of this was grass and meadow plants bent down over the path by recent sharp showers, but it was really hard work to wade through, and we did cheat a sometimes by walking along the tractor tracks through the growing corn. Twice we dived into the (large, thick) hedge beside the path to find some caches, but we were really quite glad when we navigated our way back to the canal again.
Ashby Canal

Ashby Canal

Time to have another go at that ‘Triumph View’ cache – we failed again, but we note that no one else has found the cache since – or any of the other caches we failed to find – so we feel just a little bit vindicated, but still not very triumphal. Once back on the towpath, it was so, so much easier to walk (phew) and we were back at the marina, our hotel, and the geocar, in not much time at all. Seven caches found, a pleasant morning’s walk, and time to go home …

Here are some of the caches we found:


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