July 23 : A hot day in Guildford

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Guildford Lido - on a hot July day

Guildford Lido – on a hot July day

What to do on a very hot day? Spend hours in a traffic jam on the way to the beach, or visit Guildford Lido? The latter won.
Along with hundreds and hundreds of other people, we spent the morning and early afternoon swimming, going down the water slides, picnicking, swimming, going down the water slides, swimming … When we paid, the lady at the kiosk seemed surprised that we wanted to pay the small amount extra to use the water slides, but we were going to do it anyway, whatever strange looks we got. And most of the sliders were younger and shorter and often more elegant than us, but so what?

We got tired and left in mid-afternoon. We were actually quite sunburnt, but we would find that out later … A few caches were nearby, and it would have been churlish, wouldn’t it, to go straight home without looking for some of them? The first was a Church Micro, the church was right next to the lido, and the cache itself was within feet of our car! Mr Hg137 furtled around behind a tree, and I kept watch, “taking a mobile phone call”, and telling him to be still, and quiet, whenever a muggle came by.



First mission accomplished, we set off from the church in the general direction of Stoke Park. Along the way we found another cache, neatly hidden on a lamp-post in plain view just out of (my) reach. Once in Stoke Park http://www.guildford.gov.uk/stokepark , we had a good look around. This is a really large, multi-use / well used park, yet another place we would never have found without geocaching.
Spot the geocache!

Spot the geocache!

We hadn’t realised in advance, but the first cache we wanted to find in the park was between and under the fitness course and the Wild Wood rope and zipwire trail http://www.wildwood-adventure.com A scout troop were attacking the fitness obstacles, two plump muggles swung from some parallel bars, and overhead, muggle children hung from ropes in the trees. It all looked like jolly super fun, and we picked our way inconspicuously (we hoped) into the woods to retrieve a cache concealed at the foot of an old tree. We probably didn’t look inconspicuous at all, just slightly odd …
Wild Wood - Stoke Park, Guildford

Wild Wood – Stoke Park, Guildford

From there, we emerged into a more open area, onto a paved path/cycleway, to look for our final cache of the day, described as being ‘under stones’. We didn’t do too well here. We found quite a lot of stones of various sizes in various places, and looked under them all, but the cache was a little way away … under some more stones.
Found at last!

Found at last!

By now, the heat and the day’s exertions were beginning to tell – or that’s our excuse for taking so long to find just four caches, so it was time to stop, drive home and spend a tired evening over a barbecue in the garden. Just about then, too, we realised quite how sunburnt we were!


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