August 6 : Ascot and Cranbourne

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Sandy Lane, Ascot

Sandy Lane, Ascot

On a beautiful, hot Saturday afternoon, perfect for caching, what were our plans? To visit some private gardens, which were open for charity, to raise money for St Peter’s Church, Cranbourne. One of those gardens belongs to someone we know, so we went along to provide support, and also to visit some of the other gardens. Well, every one was pristine – we spotted one owner removing a miniscule feather from his immaculate lawn. And there was a lot to see, including llamas, waterfalls, astroturf and endless statues. What with all of that, it was well after 4pm when we finished our fifth garden visit. As thay are all private gardens, we haven’t got photos – sorry.

With the heat of the day just beginning to wane, we had sorted out a handful of caches to do in the area. The first was the intriguingly named ‘TGP1 – Gold Cup / Cranbourne Tower’. The cache was placed to commemorate two nearby pubs which are now no more – and TGP=”time, gentlemen, please”. The cache was a small micro on a busy roadside, hidden close to the building site that has replaced the Gold Cup pub.

Our remaining four caches were all hidden along Sandy Lane, a wooded track that can be used as a short cut between Bracknell and Ascot. These caches were all set by JJEF, one of our favourite setters. His caches are all different, never ordinary, often made of wood, and just – different. They are usually fairly easy to find, but that’s just the first part of the challenge – having located the cache, you then have to get into it to retrieve the log … and that is often just as hard. FYI – JJEF has started a little business making and selling those clever caches and his website is at

We had a pleasant walk along the track, and back, in welcome shade, and an equally pleasant time searching for, finding, and opening the four bespoke caches. To say much more would spoil the fun.

And what of St Peter’s Church, which was the focus for our afternoon out? It has a Church Micro, but it’s a relatively complicated multicache, and we hadn’t got it on our list as we knew we wouldn’t have time to solve it. One for another day!


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