September 2 : Wincanton

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Having arranged a walking holiday on beautiful Exmoor, we set off westwards along the ‘Road to the Sun’ (aka A303). We’d selected a spot about halfway along the route, close to the road, but not right on it, with (free) parking, and – very important – with a couple of caches, to break up the journey. And that place was … Wincanton. Turning off the main road, we arrived in an area of business parks, trading estates and supermarkets. We chose a place in a superstore car park, settled down and ate our lunch. (Editor’s note: we always seem to pick not-especially-scenic spots for our picnic lunches, and this was no exception.)

Off Yer Trolley - Wincanton

Off Yer Trolley – Wincanton

Sandwiches consumed, we turned our attention to caching. One of the two that we had selected was from the ‘Off your Trolley’ series, and this was quickly found, a neat, dry, tidy film canister on the boundary of one of those previously mentioned supermarkets. Crossing the road, we followed a path through mown grass and trees, searching for ‘Wincanton rec’. We found it, or rather, Mr Hg137 did, with a scramble amongst the willow trees at the edge of the River Cale. This was another neat and tidy cache: they do seem to look after their caches in Wincanton! And it looks as if they are looking after the river too – there’s a busy Facebook community group devoted to its improvement and maintenance

Where's that cache?

Where’s that cache?

That little break over, and our cache target for the journey met, it was back into the geocar to continue the trek westwards.


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