November 12 – “Underground, Overground, Wombling Free”… in Kingston ?

Back on October 23rd, we cached in a Bracknell industrial estate having visited a local DIY emporium. As we stated in that blog, finding what we wanted in that emporium was a trial.

Sadly when we hired an electrician to fit our purchases (4 identical wall lights), we discovered that one of them wasn’t quite as identical as the others. (Not broken, just, er…..wonky) So we needed to find a replacement.

The nearest store which had a replacement was in Kingston. (That’s Kingston, Surrey not Kingston, Jamaica).

Some 25 miles away.

So on a dark, damp, drizzly afternoon we found ourselves in Kingston. New wall light successfully acquired…but why not do some caching while we were here ?

KingsMeadow home to AFC Wimbledon  and Kingstonian

KingsMeadow home to AFC Wimbledon and Kingstonian

Two caches caught our eye. The first entitled “Haydon’s Hoard” had an intriguing backstory. The cache had been placed yards from a football ground jointly shared by AFC Wimbledon and Kingstonian. (In his youth Mr HG137 used to support Wokingham Town who regularly played Kingstonian, though he never visited their ground, and then spent most of the afternoon eulogising about football matches from the mid-80s).

Quick ! Let's find the cache while their backs are turned!

Quick ! Let’s find the cache while their backs are turned!

The cache had significance not for Kingstonian, but for the other sharing club, AFC Wimbledon. The cache had been placed by the person who dresses up as AFC Wimbledon’s Mascot, “Haydon the Womble”. Sadly we never saw the Womble as AFC Wimbledon were playing away, but we did see the simple cache !

On then to our second cache, a Church Micro, outside a Catholic Church. The GPS led us to a bus stop, which on a late Saturday afternoon was difficult to search. We checked other bits of street furniture but all to no avail. Our excuse ? It was dark, the pavement was busy…. and we feel sure a Womble had come along and cleared everything away…

Underground, Overground, Wombling Free,
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we.
Making good use of the things that we find,
Things that the everyday folks leave behind.

Haydon the Womble

Haydon the Womble

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