November 26 Fred Bull’s Hamster Tag Blau

Some trackables are really exciting to hold or look at. A beautiful and heavy geocoin, perhaps or even a plastic duck.

Imagine then when the trackable we found in Hampshire Driveby Series, is only a piece of paper!

Fred Bull's Hamster Tag Blau

Fred Bull’s Hamster Tag Blau

The owner, Fred Bull, did in fairness own a geocoin, with a picture of a walking hamster. For about 2 years Fred Bull took the geocoin on their own geocaching adventures. In that time Fred Bull visited many caches throughout the Europe.

Eventually Fred Bull decided to keep the geocoin and send a piece of paper in its place. The paper trackable was then taken around the world, including the last remaining Project APE cache in Brazil.

(There were only 12 Project APE caches released, to tie in with the Planet of the Apes film release in 2001. The majority of the caches are in America, the one in the UK (London/Kent borders) went missing ion 2002.)

In its many adventures, Fred Bull’s Hamster Tag Blau has rarely visited the UK. We will endeavour to place it somewhere iconic.


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