November 27 : Hampshire Drive By part 2

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

The geocar was (hopefully) fixed, so we set out to finish the Hampshire Drive By series that we had started, then abandoned, only the day before. Taking a very slightly different route to the start, we stopped briefly on our way to find Wiggins Copse (no sign of Sir Bradley!); soon after, we were back in Mill Lane, where we had stopped before. The first cache, no 19 in the Drive By series, led us a merry dance. Up and down the lane we walked, searching what seemed like every one of the possible locations, without success. A deer jumped out of the woods onto the lane, surveyed our efforts with disdain, and walked off around the corner. We looked some more, and eventually resorted to reading all the logs. Something from an earlier log just made us think again, and we found the cache after just another few minutes. Damned clever hide!

We found the next few caches with much less angst, and then emerged from the woodland into a more open area of hedges and fields, where the lane crossed the Devil’s Highway (the Roman road from Silchester to London ). And suddenly we weren’t on our own. Every muggle in Hampshire seemed to be out walking, cycling, or exercising their dogs, and all on this little bit of lane. We found a quiet moment and retrieved the next cache, then signed the log while looking out over the fields to the river.

Our next stop wasn’t for a cache, but to look at Thatcher’s, or Little Ford, which lies on the county boundary between Hampshire and Berkshire, and where the Roman road crosses the River Blackwater. It hadn’t been raining much for some days, and yet there was a good flow on the river and the best part of a metre on the depth gauge … not such a “little” Little Ford! (Editor’s note: if you are walking, there is a footbridge over the river close by – there is no need to wade/swim, but I would definitely not fancy driving through that ford!)

Thatcher's Ford / Little Ford

Thatcher’s Ford / Little Ford

The final three caches in the 26-cache series were along Ford Lane, another narrow country lane. We parked in a less than perfect spot for one cache, and were, rightly, told off by muggles because we had partly blocked the road. Having finished the series, we had a coffee in a layby (off the road!) and celebrated having found every single cache in this varied series.
Post Post

Post Post

And then we set off home … oh, but first … another cache; this one forms part of the ‘Post Post’ series, hidden in and around letterboxes, and one we had looked at briefly and unsuccessfully at the start of the day when setting out. We’d noted that another, very experienced local cacher, El-Jo, had also failed to find this cache so our hopes were not high. A second visit, more searching, more rummaging, and then the geopole dislodged something from a place we had already searched several times. A success to end the day! And another 10 caches to boost our measly November total of just 49 caches in 4 years.

Here are some of the caches we found:


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