December 31 : Camberley – FTF !!!

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Late breaking news … we had assumed that our caching for 2016 was over … but some time after 8pm, Mr Hg137 spotted that a new cache had been placed in Camberley AND THAT IT HAD NOT BEEN FOUND. By just after 9pm we had assembled a range of equipment – mostly torches – though it did look a little as if we were going out housebreaking – and set out in the geocar for the next county, and a nearby town. There weren’t many people about, and the roads were spookily quiet – wonder where everyone was?



Very soon we had parked and were training a multiplicity of torches onto the first clue … and then the second … then the third. We did the sums in the dark by the light of a torch, and found they didn’t add up to the checksum. We re-read the description, realised we had misread them in our haste, and did them again, correctly this time. A further walk in the dark, some rummaging around GZ, and we had found it! ‘Football Micro Series 010 – Camberley Town‘ – only our second ever ‘first to find’ (FTF) We are rubbish at night caching, multi-caches, AND the kind of location described in the hint, so we were more than pleasantly surprised.
It only remained to retrace our steps to the car. Part way back, the ‘hound of the Baskervilles’ (an Alsatian) appearing from nowhere to bark at us. Scary!

We were back home by just after 10pm, still buoyed up by adrenalin. A fantastic end to a year’s geocaching! Happy New Year to everyone, and to geocachers in particular!


One Response to “December 31 : Camberley – FTF !!!”

  1. wanda Says:

    Congratulations, well done for finding the cache, at least it wasn’t raining! Have loved reading your posts. Happy New Year and hope you have a successful caching 2017.

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