January 14 : Sandhurst Geocachers Trail Trackable

Sandhurst Geocachers Trail Trackable starts its quest

Sandhurst Geocachers Trail Trackable starts its quest

Normally when we blog about trackables, we blog about those we have found whilst geocaching, and those which we are moving on for their owners.

The Sandhurst Geocachers Trail Trackable is different.

We are using it to show our progress on our ‘Sandhurst to Sandhurst Quest’ we described earlier this year.

For those that are not aware, when a trackable is logged into a geocache location, it produces a marker on the trackable’s location map. As the trackable moves from geocache to geocache these points are joined up into lines and the lines can become very big indeed. For example a trackable that starts its travels in London, visits New York, then Sydney, then Mumbai, then Munich would have lines wrapping across the whole globe.

The problem with these lines is that they are the shortest distance between cache to cache. Most geocachers don’t travel in straight lines cache to cache, so the distance associated with the lines can be a bit distorted.

However that problem aside, we intend to use the Sandhurst Geocachers Trail Trackable to track our progress from Sandhurst to Sandhurst. We intend to ‘dip’ the trackable in every cache on route, thus building up a map showing our route so far. You can visit the route using this link :


Each numbered location is a cache we have visited (or attempted to visit). At each visit will generate a ‘trackable dip’.

(Ideally the trackable should be dipped in the ‘actual’ geocache container, but some geocaches are not at the location shown on the http://www.geocaching.com map. For example multis and puzzle caches, so we may just ‘dip’ the trackable at the ‘map start’ location of these geocaches if they are on route.)

The more caches we ‘dip’ along our way, the more accurate our mileage will be. We may also include a couple of cache ‘dips’ off our route (providing we find the cache of course), to add some mileage into the route. This will (hopefully) compensate for any shortages generated by the cache-to-cache route shown on the trackable map.

If this sounds very confusing, don’t worry. click on the map and watch our progress… we are aiming for Sandhurst (Kent) approximately 60 miles SE from our start location, a little further on from Royal Tunbridge Wells and a just beyond a reservoir that has a tripod shape!

Here’s the map again.. we hope you enjoy watching our progress…



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