February 18 – BACK HAMBURG-2

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

While walking along the Downs Link Way, a disused railway, now a long distance footpath, we stopped to find the neatest, tidiest cache ever. And inside was this trackable.

It’s one of three, released in Fuerteventura in the Canary Isles in October 2016 by caching friends Schnitta, Mauerwache, and O.o.Z. The idea was for them to race back home to Hamburg. How did they all do? Unfortunately, ‘our’ trackable has already lost the race. The other two trackables have travelled at least 10,000 miles each, have been back to Hamburg at least once, and are still in Germany.

This trackable has only travelled 2,500 miles and is not back in Germany yet. It was brought to England from the Canary Isles and has been there ever since, travelling via Yorkshire and Dorset to the Surrey Hills where we found it. Though the race is lost, we’ll continue the intention of the race and move the trackable on to somewhere suitable – maybe a travel bug hotel near an airport, possibly Gatwick, if we can find one.


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