March 11 – Adventurous Alex

It is not often one is at the start of a trackable’s life. But we were with the trackable Adventurous Alex.

This trackable, a name tag with ‘Alex’ (and its meaning) we found in our last cache of the day near Gatwick Airport.

It had been set off by Alex’s Grandparents and we guess the grandchild will be updated from time to time of its adventures.

Up to now… it hasn’t gone very far! We picked it up close to Gatwick Airport but it had only been released just before Christmas 2016. It had visited a couple of caches and a cacher’s meet, but it had travelled less than 10 miles.

The owner (the grandparents), wanted the ‘Alex’ to have an adventure. We can’t promise much on our journey, but we will take it with us on the next section of our Sandhurst to Sandhurst trail.

Have fun Alex!


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