May 25 : African New Year

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here. It seems quite a while since I wrote a post about a trackable. That was back in the spring, and summer has pretty much arrived. Anyway …

African New Year

African New Year

We found this trackable in a very wet cache close to our hotel in Hastings. ‘Very wet’ really meant ‘half full of water’. We thought we could fix that, so took both cache and trackable back to our hotel room to dry out, sitting on the windowsill in the sun.

On to the trackable:
It set off from Ohio on 31st December 2012 – coincidentally, that’s the day we took out membership of the geocaching website, started caching in earnest, and started this blog shortly afterwards. It had a mission to visit Africa, and had five ‘siblings’, each with a mission to visit their continent. Of the six, four are still around, but Antarctica and Asia went missing after travelling 15,000 miles between them. The remaining four have travelled around 30,000 miles each. African New Year is just in the lead with 31,200 miles.

And – did it get to Africa? Yes! Just for a short visit to a cache in Senegal. It’s also spent time in the USA and Canada and it has seen quite a lot of Europe. Its mission continues …


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