April 10 : Trackable – Get A Grip !

At the Farnborough meet there was the customary pile of trackables and geocoins to be admired and moved on. Amongst the pile GET A GRIP! caught our eye.



It was a small pair of grips or pliers, perfectly functional as a tool! Attached to it was laminated piece card stating that the trackable was in a race from Nottingham US to Nottingham UK. We knew we would be in Leicester (just 30 miles from Nottingham UK) over Easter so it seemed right we should take it.

When we got home, we discovered it had reached Nottingham many years ago!

Originally, back in 2011, it left Nottingham US (New Hampshire) bound for the UK in a trackable race. Before it reached Europe it travelled through some the Easternmost states in the US before leaving Florida in August 2012. It then went to Germany in Europe until March 2015 ! Eventually the grips made it to England but took a long route to Nottingham.. via South Wales!

After 8 months in the UK, the pair of grips made it to Nottingham…but its target cache had been disabled! It was placed in a nearby cache as a substitute. It is not clear whether this trackable won the race, or which other trackables it was competing against..but reaching the destination city is no mean feat.

Since reaching Nottingham it has travelled extensively in the UK, not helped by people believing it still needs to go to Nottingham! It has though visited Scotland and Marrakesh in Morocco!

We’ve emailed the trackable owner and the grips have a new mission… to travel the world.. perhaps Egypt? Italy? Japan? Australia? Here’s hoping it has further GRIPping adventures!

April 10 : Farnborough cacher’s meet

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Plough and Horses, Cove, Farnborough

Plough and Horses, Cove, Farnborough

When did we last attend a geocacher’s meet? We thought about it, and it had been a while, years, Leap Year Day 2016. We’d noticed that there was a meet coming to a place near us, the Plough and Horses at Cove, Farnborough. A little bit of research showed us that there were two Church Micro multicaches very close to the pub. As we didn’t fancy an extended search of a graveyard later on, in failing light, and so we didn’t get lost, searching fruitlessly in the dark, we also did a daytime recce of the area, spotted the pub, and collected all the information we needed to find the caches later.

Early in the evening, we returned to Cove, and stopped a little way short of the pub, to look for the Church Micro based on St. John the Baptist. We parked near a parade of shops, then walked off a little way to wait for a gap in the dog walkers and joggers to dive, hopefully unsuspiciously, behind a tree to find the cache: our research was correct.

St John the Baptist, Cove, Farnbourough

St John the Baptist, Cove, Farnbourough

From there it wasn’t far to the pub. There were no spaces in the car park: that was a good sign. We went in, past the group of people watching football on a big screen in the bar, to a dining area at the rear. It was FULL of cachers, some we recognised, and some new to us. We were greeted by the organiser, Reggiecat, and signed the attendance log to claim our cache find. After getting drinks and a bowl of chips to share, we joined a table, to have a chat to Woking Wonders (we’ve done lots of their caches, many of them Church Micros) and DTJM (we’d done one of their caches earlier that evening). JJEF was there, to showcase his fiendishly clever wooden caches (take a look at them here https://www.quirkycaches.co.uk/apps/webstore/products )

Buzio, a cacher new to us, stood up and gave a short talk on caching in Myanmar. Those at our table joined in with tales of derring do, including, I think, a story about setting sail on the Thames dressed as a pirate to find a cache on an island. The pirate costume was a disguise as it was ‘Children in Need’ weekend – at least I think that’s the excuse that was given! Adam Redshaw turned up, accompanied by Tabzcake and Barry the very well-behaved geodog. Adam publishes a geocaching magazine and does loads of other caching related stuff http://www.ukcachemag.com/

Anyway, enough caching name-dropping, we still had one more cache to find, so we said our goodbyes and left. It was pretty dark now, a good cover to find our second Church Micro of the day (Cove – Baptist), hidden in some street furniture. … No-one spotted us …

A good evening – pleasant company – great stories.

Here are two Church Micro caches, against bland backgrounds, for anonymity.