September 7: Mini 77

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Mini 77

Mini 77

On our final walk along the South Downs Way, we found not one, but FOUR, trackables, two of them cars, found in the same cache, a travel bug hotel near Alfriston. Mini 77 was one of these two cars. It had been ages since we found any trackables, and now, like buses, they all came along at once!

This trackable has a lot of history: it’s been around since March 2015, when its owner, mecabra, set it loose in North Carolina, United States, with the mission (repeated in English, German, French and Spanish)
This is Brandon of megcaBRA’s Mini 77 that is out to see the sights of the world. Please help Mini 77 travel the back roads of the world and explore new places.

And travel it certainly has. 1000 caches and 27688 miles has seen the little car leave America, reach Europe and journey through France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, some of those several times. In 2018, the trackable made a very brief trip further afield, to the Phillipines, and then arrived in the United Kingdom, at Holyhead in Wales. It went to the Yorkshire Mega event in August 2018, where it was spotted by many a geocacher, travelled round Yorkshire and the Peak District in Derbyshire, then dived down to the south coast near Brighton, where we found it a short while later on the South Downs Way.

As you’d expect, the trackable has got more battered over the four and a half years it has been on the road, but it’s still solid and in good condition. We plan to move it on along its journey along the back roads, just as soon as we find a cache big enough to place it.

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