September 7 : Sussex Sole

Sussex Sole

During our walk from Alfriston to Eastbourne we found four trackables. This was the third. A thin fish-shaped piece of metal connected to a keyring. The metal fish and keyring were so small they fitted in a 35mm film container!

Unusually this trackable hadn’t been anywhere! The cache we found it in, just outside Jevington church, was where the owner, muddyboots111, had placed just it just 3 days previously. It is very rare to find a trackable with no mileage! It was up to us to start its journey!

The trackable was called ‘Sussex Sole’ – presumably because its flat nature suggests a flat-fish such as a sole, and of course because it started in Sussex. We will endeavour to place this trackable near water – fingers crossed we find an appropriate cache!

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