November 30 : Trackable Sawyer Koala Bear

During our exploration of the woods around Sindlesham and Woosehill, we found a trackable, Sawyer Koala Bear.

On the face of it a very simple trackable.

Until you explore its history.

Firstly its a Koala Bear. Did it start from Australia? Does it want to finish its travels in Australia?
No, it started its journey just outside Los Angeles on the Western side of America and wants to travel the world.

Secondly the name. It is listed on the website as being called ‘Sawyer’. Yet on the reverse of the bear (above the trackable number which is why we’ve not shown it) is the name of the bear…Sydney.

Sawyer (or Sydney) wants to travel the world and from time to time return to Los Angeles. It left LA on the 24 January 2019 and it is therefore under a year old. The bear made its way North Eastwards to Iowa where it skirted around Des Moines, before heading to West Bend, some way north of Milwaukee. Then it headed East to Europe and visited several caches in Czechia, Romania and Serbia.

What follows is the third little conundrum with this trackable. It was marked as ‘missing’ in Serbia after 26th August 2019, yet a couple of weeks later appeared in a British cache. It was found in one of the Loddon Loop caches, a series we completed back in July 2016 when the footpaths were at their most overgrown!

Almost immediately Sawyer/Sydney was placed in the cache we found it in.

So although this trackable has been going less than a year.. its got a naming problem, visited at least 5 countries, got lost, found and travelled (apparently) nearly 8000 miles. Quite an adventure for a little bear!

September 7: Mini 77

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Mini 77

Mini 77

On our final walk along the South Downs Way, we found not one, but FOUR, trackables, two of them cars, found in the same cache, a travel bug hotel near Alfriston. Mini 77 was one of these two cars. It had been ages since we found any trackables, and now, like buses, they all came along at once!

This trackable has a lot of history: it’s been around since March 2015, when its owner, mecabra, set it loose in North Carolina, United States, with the mission (repeated in English, German, French and Spanish)
This is Brandon of megcaBRA’s Mini 77 that is out to see the sights of the world. Please help Mini 77 travel the back roads of the world and explore new places.

And travel it certainly has. 1000 caches and 27688 miles has seen the little car leave America, reach Europe and journey through France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, some of those several times. In 2018, the trackable made a very brief trip further afield, to the Phillipines, and then arrived in the United Kingdom, at Holyhead in Wales. It went to the Yorkshire Mega event in August 2018, where it was spotted by many a geocacher, travelled round Yorkshire and the Peak District in Derbyshire, then dived down to the south coast near Brighton, where we found it a short while later on the South Downs Way.

As you’d expect, the trackable has got more battered over the four and a half years it has been on the road, but it’s still solid and in good condition. We plan to move it on along its journey along the back roads, just as soon as we find a cache big enough to place it.

September 7 : Trackable GC Tags – GeoWoodstock XVI – Midnight Madness

During our walk over the South Downs Way bridleway to Eastbourne we found 4 trackables. The Geo Woodstock XVI was the first.

The trackable has two distinct parts – one of which is a metal car, stamped Hot Wheels underneath (though my recollection of Hot Wheels cars is that they were larger, more plasticky vehicles).

The second part, the tag, is a metal square which has the trackable number on it. The tag commemorates the Geocaching Giga event held in Woodstock, NY, USA in May 2018. The event was themed as a Roman Festival and many of the photos show cachers dressed in togas. This was just, JUST(!), a side event to a larger event happening in Woodstock; this smaller event lasted 4 hours (8-12pm) with over 2000 attendees and culminated in a large bonfire as the night got darker!

Surprisingly though, this trackable didn’t start its journey at the Woodstock event. It was first placed in a Colorado cache in August 2018, by a cacher who wasn’t at the Midnight Madness event. After visiting a few Colorado caches, it went into the neighbouring state of Arizona, before one final American cache in Florida. It then travelled across to Europe where it has spent most time in the UK.

The exception was a brief visit to Holland to visit the Keukenhof Gardens, and seeing the spectacular Spring colours.

In its journeys in the UK, the trackable has visited several caches in Bristol area, the Greenwich area of London and the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway on the Kent/Sussex border (visiting the giant gravel spithead at Dungeness too).

So quite a varied set of locations for a trackable in its first year of travel nearly 8500 miles and 120 caches. Perhaps it does have hot wheels after all!

May 22 : Fearless Traveler !

During our second visit to Chester we discovered this delightful trackable ‘Fearless Traveler! ‘

Fearless Traveler!

As you may guess from the title, it emanates from America. It started its journey in Illinois back in April 2015 and quickly galloped to the Western side of Canada based in and around Vancouver. It also visited caches not too far from the American border, before heading to Ottawa where it pranced for some time from cache to cache. Interestingly the trackable never made it back into America, but instead headed for the UK.

The first British cache it was placed in, was one we had found back in March 2015 when we walked the Thames Path. It had been placed in a cache called ‘Mosaic Trail – Fishes’ at Newbridge. (Interestingly the cache, if our memory is correct, is a 35mm film how the horse got into its British Stable, we are not sure).

Thereafter its British journey headed North West to the Chester area where we found it!

We will release it when we find a suitably large cache for it to enjoy the British Countryside!

February 29 – Just Ducky

February 29th started early as we had found our way into the JJEF cache The Bridge House (Tool Required). In this cache we found a squashed soft toy trackable, Just Ducky.

Just Ducky

Just Ducky

We held onto it during our caching adventures that morning, and had it in our possession at the lunchtime Leap Year’s Day meet (just yards from where we had found it). During the meet, JJEF remarked that he had placed Just Ducky in his cache late the night before and yet it gone ! We knew where it was and showed the assembled crowd.

Being a duck, the trackable really wants to visit rivers and ponds so what he was doing in a pub car park is a little strange! Just Ducky has had quite a journey since April 2006 when it was first placed in a cache in Northern Wisconsin, USA. Early on it visited Iceland, and then Switzerland before returning to the States where it criss-crossed from coast to coast from Los Angeles to Washington and much besides. Occasionally it has been in a cache for many months without moving and has on at least one occasion been declared ‘Lost’. Found again relatively recently, it was taken to Northern Ireland, where JJEF found it before placing in his cache.

We will move it on fairly quickly to prevent it being ‘lost’ once again.

July 6 – Signseekers Geo Achievement Coin 250

sunseeker coin

As we mentioned in our previous post, we collected a fresh trackable on our walk around Wick Hill.

This was a relatively large geo-coin which had been released to celebrate the owners 250th geocache find. (Given we are on nearly 700 finds, clearly we must have missed this opportunity somehow!).

It started its journey in December 2013 in Tennessee, and since then spent the first month in and around Nashville and Chattanooga before reaching the UK in January 2014.It spent most of its time in the UK visiting Devon, Cornwall and Somerset before branching out to visiting South Wales and Gloucester prior to arriving in Berkshire where we found it.

We have a trip to Brighton planned so fingers crossed we can find a cache that it will fit in.

The geocoin’s mission is to travel the world… its got someway to go as its only completed two very small corners of two different countries! Good luck in your future travels!