September 7 : Trackable GC Tags – GeoWoodstock XVI – Midnight Madness

During our walk over the South Downs Way bridleway to Eastbourne we found 4 trackables. The Geo Woodstock XVI was the first.

The trackable has two distinct parts – one of which is a metal car, stamped Hot Wheels underneath (though my recollection of Hot Wheels cars is that they were larger, more plasticky vehicles).

The second part, the tag, is a metal square which has the trackable number on it. The tag commemorates the Geocaching Giga event held in Woodstock, NY, USA in May 2018. The event was themed as a Roman Festival and many of the photos show cachers dressed in togas. This was just, JUST(!), a side event to a larger event happening in Woodstock; this smaller event lasted 4 hours (8-12pm) with over 2000 attendees and culminated in a large bonfire as the night got darker!

Surprisingly though, this trackable didn’t start its journey at the Woodstock event. It was first placed in a Colorado cache in August 2018, by a cacher who wasn’t at the Midnight Madness event. After visiting a few Colorado caches, it went into the neighbouring state of Arizona, before one final American cache in Florida. It then travelled across to Europe where it has spent most time in the UK.

The exception was a brief visit to Holland to visit the Keukenhof Gardens, and seeing the spectacular Spring colours.

In its journeys in the UK, the trackable has visited several caches in Bristol area, the Greenwich area of London and the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway on the Kent/Sussex border (visiting the giant gravel spithead at Dungeness too).

So quite a varied set of locations for a trackable in its first year of travel nearly 8500 miles and 120 caches. Perhaps it does have hot wheels after all!

August 31 – Arizona Geocoin

While we were walking around the Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve we found 2 trackables.

The first, a weighty coin, is the Arizona Geocoin.

Arizona Coin Front

Arizona Coin Front

Arizona Coin Back

Arizona Coin Back

What is surprising is that, given its name, the Geocoin started its journey in Europe and has never been to America! It has though been to Luxenbourg, Germany, Finland – but most of its journey has been in the UK.
The mission of the coin, is to visit places with RED, BLUE or YELLOW (the colours – or should that be colors? – of the Arizona Flag). We will endeavour to meet this criteria, but given our 2015 project of walking the Thames Path, we may put in a cache on route. (Tenuously, rivers are blue on maps).