September 7 : Sussex Sole

Sussex Sole

During our walk from Alfriston to Eastbourne we found four trackables. This was the third. A thin fish-shaped piece of metal connected to a keyring. The metal fish and keyring were so small they fitted in a 35mm film container!

Unusually this trackable hadn’t been anywhere! The cache we found it in, just outside Jevington church, was where the owner, muddyboots111, had placed just it just 3 days previously. It is very rare to find a trackable with no mileage! It was up to us to start its journey!

The trackable was called ‘Sussex Sole’ – presumably because its flat nature suggests a flat-fish such as a sole, and of course because it started in Sussex. We will endeavour to place this trackable near water – fingers crossed we find an appropriate cache!

June 13 – Blubbie’s Fish Trip

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We found two trackables on our walk down the Thames between Shillingford and Cholsey. The second was Blubbie, a slow-sinking chub (or so said a little stamp on his stomach!) next to the Thames at Benson Lock, near the lock and the rushing weir, and took him away down the Thames with us. He is a splendid articulated fishing float.

Blubbie's Fish Trip

Blubbie’s Fish Trip

He’s off around the world, seeking out watery places. In the two years he has been travelling, here’s where Blubbie has visited so far:

• Eindhoven Kanaal (Holland, GC Brandevoort speelpret)
• Waal (Holland, GC Oud versus Nieuw)
• Afgedamde Maas (Holland, GC Midden in)
• Waddenzee (Germany, GC Weltnaturerbe Wattenmeer)
• Marxdorfer See (Germany, GC Marxdorfer See)
• Bay of Saint-Michel at Jersey Island (Jersey, GC Project One)
• Gold Valley Lakes, Aldershot (UK)
• Serpentine Hyde Park (UK)
• Trafalgar Square Fountains (UK)
• Ottershaw Lake, Surrey (UK)
• Thames (UK)