June 23 : Annerschter (Simon’s Cat)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We found this trackable, Annerschter, in a cache from the ‘Lipchis Canal Wander’ series which follows the semi-derelict Chichester canal from the city to the sea.

Annerschter (with Simon's Cat)

Annerschter (with Simon’s Cat)

The tag/travel companion attached to the cache is a cat, better known as ‘Simon’s Cat’. It was registered on Christmas Eve 2014 and then travelled around 5,000 kilometres around Germany with its owners before being released to travel onward, and it has moved a further 3,000 kilometres since then. Here is a translation of the bug’s mission:

This small traveller, with Simon’s Cat as a travel companion would now like to see the world. He has already experienced a lot with us and now he is ready for his first steps alone. Perhaps he’ll land in England, India, or New Zealand, perhaps he will be around here … the people who will meet him will decide. And who wonders about the name? Well … Mrs. Angeldangel is native Hessin … and when she was asked what the trackable should be called, she said “Annerchter” (Anders auf Hochdeutsch), she was not clear that Mr. Angeldangel would take it so literally. And there he had the name. Take care of him. And maybe you have time for a Buidl (picture on high German) (Mr. Angeldangel, by the way, from Bavaria) on the road.

Editor’s postscript: We dropped Simon’s Cat into a cache in Simon’s Wood. We didn’t realise at the time, but that is quite appropriate!

May 26 : Woodie’s escape

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Woody's escape

Woody’s escape

Woody was released on January 1st 2016 with a mission to travel as far as possible from home (Romsey) in a year.

It went first to Southampton, then Oxford, then South Wales, London, Glasgow, then south to Kent and Sussex. After just under 2000 miles, in August 2016, he was placed in a multi-cache just on the Sussex border with Kent. And there he stayed … the multicache could only be solved by finding two other caches, one of which supplied the eastings for it, and one the northings. And one was missing. We found the other, which was in poor condition, having not been found for almost a year. After an email dialogue with the cache owner we had the missing coordinates. He had given up caching a while before, so had not been maintaining his caches.

The missing multicache was not far, about 15 minutes walk, from the stat of the final leg of our walk from Sandhurst to Sandhurst. We made a small diversion, and found Woody tucked into an ammo can, safe and dry.

May 25 : African New Year

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here. It seems quite a while since I wrote a post about a trackable. That was back in the spring, and summer has pretty much arrived. Anyway …

African New Year

African New Year

We found this trackable in a very wet cache close to our hotel in Hastings. ‘Very wet’ really meant ‘half full of water’. We thought we could fix that, so took both cache and trackable back to our hotel room to dry out, sitting on the windowsill in the sun.

On to the trackable:
It set off from Ohio on 31st December 2012 – coincidentally, that’s the day we took out membership of the geocaching website, started caching in earnest, and started this blog shortly afterwards. It had a mission to visit Africa, and had five ‘siblings’, each with a mission to visit their continent. Of the six, four are still around, but Antarctica and Asia went missing after travelling 15,000 miles between them. The remaining four have travelled around 30,000 miles each. African New Year is just in the lead with 31,200 miles.

And – did it get to Africa? Yes! Just for a short visit to a cache in Senegal. It’s also spent time in the USA and Canada and it has seen quite a lot of Europe. Its mission continues …

March 11 – Adventurous Alex

It is not often one is at the start of a trackable’s life. But we were with the trackable Adventurous Alex.

This trackable, a name tag with ‘Alex’ (and its meaning) we found in our last cache of the day near Gatwick Airport.

It had been set off by Alex’s Grandparents and we guess the grandchild will be updated from time to time of its adventures.

Up to now… it hasn’t gone very far! We picked it up close to Gatwick Airport but it had only been released just before Christmas 2016. It had visited a couple of caches and a cacher’s meet, but it had travelled less than 10 miles.

The owner (the grandparents), wanted the ‘Alex’ to have an adventure. We can’t promise much on our journey, but we will take it with us on the next section of our Sandhurst to Sandhurst trail.

Have fun Alex!

May 23 : Devon / Cornwall : Day 2 : Trackable – The Only Way is the Devon Way 2017

Sometimes coincidences happen … just a shame we didn’t notice until much, much later….

During our exertions climbing to the Cheesewring we found, in a large boulder field, the cache, “Scrumpy”. Inside was a trackable of a genre we had not seen before – a business card.

This business card advertised an event – the Devon (Geocaching) Mega 2017. Clearly the organizing committee of that event have invested heavily in business cards, as we encountered at least six other during our stay in Cornwall. Looking at the trackable history it is very difficult to work out how may business cards there are, as almost every day there are 3 or 4 finds in disparate locations varying from Exeter, North Wales, Essex and Malta!

But where is the Devon Mega being held ? The answer is Bicton Park – an agricultural college near Devon’s South Coast.

Observant readers of the this blog may remember the name as about 24 hours previously we had been standing outside Bicton Park locating a cache. The cache, which we failed to name in that blog, was called “Will you be here on the 5th August 2017?” We’d assumed that the date alluded to a reunion of students or teachers… but no! the cache is the marker for the Mega Event!

Our excuse for not realizing sooner.. we were giving our brains a holiday!

So look out Bicton Park we may be one of the 500+ people visiting you in 14 months time!

February 29 – Just Ducky

February 29th started early as we had found our way into the JJEF cache The Bridge House (Tool Required). In this cache we found a squashed soft toy trackable, Just Ducky.

Just Ducky

Just Ducky

We held onto it during our caching adventures that morning, and had it in our possession at the lunchtime Leap Year’s Day meet (just yards from where we had found it). During the meet, JJEF remarked that he had placed Just Ducky in his cache late the night before and yet it gone ! We knew where it was and showed the assembled crowd.

Being a duck, the trackable really wants to visit rivers and ponds so what he was doing in a pub car park is a little strange! Just Ducky has had quite a journey since April 2006 when it was first placed in a cache in Northern Wisconsin, USA. Early on it visited Iceland, and then Switzerland before returning to the States where it criss-crossed from coast to coast from Los Angeles to Washington and much besides. Occasionally it has been in a cache for many months without moving and has on at least one occasion been declared ‘Lost’. Found again relatively recently, it was taken to Northern Ireland, where JJEF found it before placing in his cache.

We will move it on fairly quickly to prevent it being ‘lost’ once again.

February 27 – Nachtuil

The Church Micro at St Michael’s and All Angels, Sandhurst contained many trackables. We took two, the first being Alex’s First Bug. The second we took was a small, metallic, almost badge-like Nachtuil (Night Owl).



Nachtuil started flying just over 6 months ago at the beginning of September 2015. It was originally placed in a cache in mid-Belgium. It then headed into Brussels where I’m sure it visited the many places of interest – however the cache that caught my eye (and in fairness didn’t need too much translation was Le Musée de l’Erotisme de Bruxelles Sadly this cache has been archived – but what a strange juxtaposition where 21st century gaming met Erotic Art!

After the Museum, the Night Owl flew around Belgium visiting lots of caches predominantly staying to rural locations rather than city centres. It arrived in the UK in January 2016 having had a month long stay in Meribel in France.
Its UK locations have been in Hampshire and Berkshire and we will move it onto another location soon.